Il ritorno in un istante

Andrea Stella, born in Vicenza in 1976, falls victim of a senseless shooting, after which he is diagnosed with paraplegia in the lower limbs. It’s the 29th August 2000 in Fort Lauderdale: Andrea gets off his car to call on a friend, just a few feet away. It’s a safe area, with guards and video security, but as he returns to his car, he finds a group of armed men stealing his car. Even though he attempts no reaction, they shoot him.This reportage is about a rebirth, a return journey by boat - “Lo Spirito di Stella” - from Genoa to Miami in 2004, back to where the accident has taken place. The catamaran is the first of its class without any architectural barrier, and it carries an implicit message of sustainable design, for everybody. A number of people and characters get on the catamaran, and without distinction they all have the human face of listening in the moment when they are portrayed. From the closest friends to relatives and celebrities besides Andrea and his story, there is no image or imagination pulling, diverting or fleeing. The photographic tale happens in leaps, and each image is focused on catching the sense of the real. As Eugenio Montale said: “all images have written ‘farther!’”.

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